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"David Williams knows more about the golf swing and achieving top performance than anyone I have ever known. He is better at what he does than anybody else is at anything they do."

Michael K.
Gilbert, AZ
1 hdcp; State Long Drive Champion; semi-finalist National Long Drive Championship; longest drive in competition - 427 yards

Picture of David A. Williams

Photograph by Jason M. Levi
"In all the years I have worked with David Williams he has done all you would expect a top coach/mentor to do: improve my swing, lower my handicap, and instill in me a profound respect for this game. Perhaps even more importantly, David has taught me how to truly enjoy the game so that every trip to the course is another opportunity for fun and relaxation. For this I cannot thank him enough."
Jim Evans
Fountain Hills, AZ

Retired Motorola Systems Manager; Retired Staff Sgt. USAF; Retired semi-pro baseball & football player; Volunteer for PGA, LPGA, SPGA, and USGA events

David A. Williams

Entrance to McCormick Golf Culboffers

Instruction unlike any other...

at the

McCormick Ranch Golf Club

in  Scottsdale, Arizona

Photograph by Jason M. Levi
View of McCormick Ranch golf course

"A not so ordinary approach to learning and playing the game."


If you have found golf to be a simple and effortless experience.....congratulations.....you are one of the few.  If you would like it to be this way, this just may be your opportunity.

What this is not is another theory, concept, methodology, or system.  It is not more tips, pointers, drills, or "fixes".  More of what does not work is not the answer.  All that is being offered here is a bit of sanity in a not so sane world.

What this is could empower you to create new possibilities for learning and excellence in performance beyond previously perceived limits, and it could actually make a profound difference in the degree to which you enjoy your golf game.....and in the way that you live your life.

Have you ever considered what kind of learning could take place in an informal and relaxed environment without judgment?  An environment in which there is no right or wrong, good or bad, or better or worse?  An environment where you could not fail; where "not getting it" was actually an integral part of "getting it"? 

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Red Hawk Golf Club in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Golf is as much art as it is science.

 The sky is the golfer's canvas; the ball is his paint; and the club is his brush.

Each shot is a new painting.

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