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Throughout his teaching and coaching career, David has remained committed to the education and development of himself in the field of golf instruction and understanding the human mind. The early years were essentially an acquisition of knowledge through personal interaction with many of the the more recognizable names in the industry. These include, but certainly were not limited to:

David Ledbetter

Hank Haney

Jim Flick

Shelby Futch

John Jacobs

Butch Harmon

Bob Rotella

Bob Toski

Jim McLain

Rick Smith

Jimmy Ballard

Dave Pelz

Dr. David Cook

Moe Norman

Bill Strausbaugh

Peter Kostis

Jim Suttie

Wally Armstrong

Jim Hardy

Ben Doyle

Dr. Richard Coop

Gary McCord

Michael Hebron

Paul Runyan

Dr. Gary Wiren

Craig Shankland

Dr. Rick Jensen

Mike and Sandy LaBauve


During the mid 1980's, four individuals dramatically altered both the professional and philosophical direction of Mr. Williams' life.  Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre in the field of golf instruction; Chuck Hogan in the realm of psychology and learning; and Jiddu Krishnamurti in the ontological and philosophical domains.

In the late 1990's there appeared two more individuals, Fred Shoemaker and Garry Lester of Extraordinary Golf, whose continuing contribution to the development of Mr. Williams has been, well, extraordinary. With the exception of Ernest Jones (1887 - 1965) and Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986), these gentlemen remain friends and mentors of David Williams to this day.

Below you will find a brief profile of these remarkable human beings, and it is because of their wisdom, insight, and generosity that this approach to golf instruction exists today.

Ernest Jones

Ernest Jones swinging the golf clubIn 1987, David came to know Manuel de la Torre, and it was through this association that he became familiar with the principles of swinging a golf club originally taught by the late great British golf professional Ernest Jones's book Swing the ClubheadErnest Jones, author of the classic books, “Swing the Clubhead”, and “Swinging Into Golf”.

Mr. Jones came to the United States in 1923 and worked in the New York City area until his death at the age of 78. He became the foremost teacher of golf in the United States and the world during this time.  His many thousands of amateur and professional students included 16 U.S. Open winners and 16 U.S. Amateur winners. The average PGA professional during that time gave about 600 lessons a year......Ernest Jones would give 3,000.

One of Mr. Jones' close friends and devotees was Angel de la Torre, the first Spanish golf professional. Angel eventually located in the Chicago area and taught the Ernest Jones swing principles to thousands more, including one of his sons, Manuel, who has further refined and developed the approach over the years.  Manuel de la Torre is the preeminent authority in the world today on Ernest Jones and his teachings.

Manuel de la Torre

Manuel de la Torre was the head golf professional at the Milwaukee Country Club for 45 years from 1951 through 1996.  He is currently their teaching professional.  Manuel was the first recipient of the National PGA Teacher of the Year Award Manuel de la Torrein 1986, and the author of the book, "Understanding the Golf Swing", published in 2001.  He is regarded by those who know him or know of his approach, including perhaps the greatest player of our time, Moe Norman, to be the finest teacher of golf in the world and the consummate master of his profession.

A listing of his playing accomplishments and awards is far too extensive for this site, but a small number include:

o 5-time Wisconsin State Open Champion
o 5-time Wisconsin State PGA Medal Play Champion
o 1973 National Senior Open Champion
o 4-time Wisconsin State PGA Senior Champion
o Held 6 different course records
o Ranked as one of Top 100 Best Teachers in America by Golf Magazine since 1991 and Golf Digest since 2000
o Teacher of several LPGA Tour champions and PGA Senior Tour players including Masters Champion Tommy Aaron

Featured speaker and instructor at nearly 50 PGA and LPGA teaching workshops; 3 international teaching summits; 4 National Golf Foundation seminars; multiple yearly clinics on the Caribbean Tour for 15 years; and countless other golf schools and seminars throughout the United States.

Mr. Williams has hosted or co-hosted 17 Manuel de la Torre Teaching Seminars in the Phoenix area since 1991.

Chuck Hogan

Chuck has been a professional golf instructor since 1969. He has often been referred to as "the teacher's teacher" by his peers, and is considered one of the more non-traditional yet brilliant instructors in his field. He has coached more than 80 PGA and LPGA Tour players, including Johnny Miller and Peter Jacobsen. He created the LPGA's revolutionary teaching handbook and program, and has worked as a consultant for the PGA's of America, Chuck HoganCanada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as collegiate champions UCLA, Arizona State, and Stanford Universities.

Mr. Hogan has coached thousands of amateur golfers and taught hundreds of golf schools and "teach the teacher" seminars in every PGA section of the United States as well as PGA teaching seminars in Canada, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and South America.

He has authored/produced several books, videos and audio tape programs and developed the award winning packages "Nice Shot!" and "The Players Course". He has written hundreds of magazine articles and served as a frequent contributor to Golf, Golf Week, Golf Tips, Golf for Women, and Senior Golfer magazines.Chuck and David at seminar

His clients have also included Olympians and professional basketball, baseball and tennis stars. He has consulted with dozens of other golf schools and developed unique corporate training programs for several companies.

Some of his more popular books include:

o Five Days to Golfing Excellence
o Learning Golf: How to Learn - or Relearn - to Play the Whole Game
o Rethinking Golf: A New Approach to Performance in the 21st Century
o Tiger's Bond of Power
o Twelve Means to Lower Scores
o Self Hypnosis for Better Golf


Mr. Williams' own serious inquiry into the human mind began during the early 1980's.  As is often the case, an exploration of psychology can lead to some of the more philosophical aspects of life.  Throughout history there have been great teachers in both realms, but one that seemed to bridge the gap between the two was a reKrishnamurti speakingmarkable man from India by the name of Jiddu Krishnamurti.Krishnamurti listening

"K", as he preferred to be called, was born in India in 1895, and by the age of 34 had emerged as a powerful, uncompromising, and unclassifiable teacher whose talks and writings were not linked to any specific religion and were of neither the East nor the West but for the whole world. At the core of his teaching was the realization that fundamental changes in society can be brought about only by a transformation of individual consciousness.

Krishnamurti has authored a number of books, and many of the tapes and transcripts from his talks and dialogues have been edited into book form by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. He continued to speak all over the world until his death in 1986 at the age of 90.

It is widely believed that Krishnamurti spoke in person before more people worldwide than anyone in history.

Extraordinary Golf

David's ongoing exploration of the mind and it's relationship to learning and performance led him to Fred Shoemaker and Garry Lester of Fred ShoemakerExtraordinary Golf in 1998.  Mr. Shoemaker's varied background includes an association with Timothy Gallwey, who's 7 books include The Inner Game of Tennis; The Inner Game of Golf; Inner Skiing; The Inner Game of Work; The Inner Game of Music;  Inner Game of Winning;  and The Inner Game of Stress.

He is also acquainted with Michael Murphy, who is Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Board of the Esalen Institute in Northern California.  Mr. Murphy is the author of four novels: Golf in the Kingdom, The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, Jacob Atabet, and An End to Ordinary History.  His nonfiction works include God and the Evolving Universe, In the Zone, The Life We Are GivenThe Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation, and The Future of the Body, a study of human nature's capacities for transformation.

Fred founded the Extraordinary Golf  schools in 1990, which have been named One of America's Top 25 Golf Schools in America on many occasions and has been a life-changing experience for many participants, including Mr. Williams. He has conducted more than a thousand programs from Africa to Japan, as well as numerous PGA and LPGA coaching and training programs, including training and development programs for the national coaches of Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Finland, Ireland, and Sweden. 

Mr. Shoemaker has also worked with several federal agencies including NASA, noted professional organizations such as The World Presidents Organization, and high profile corporations such as Oracle, Apple, Pfizer, Monsanto, Hyatt, and many more. He is the author of two acclaimed books, "Extraordinary Golf : The Art of the Possible", and "Extraordinary Putting : Transforming the Whole Game", and has recently released a new video, "Extraordinary Golf : The Secret to Transforming Your Game".

Garry Lester hGarry Lesteras worked in the Ontological realm of human behavior and performance, transformational learning, and global education since 1974.  He has engaged with more than 150,000 people from many different countries and cultures exploring the nature of being human, distinctions of transformation, human learning, and what gives access to our innate ability and capacity to perform. 

In addition to his own consulting work with several Fortune 500 companies, Garry has been with Extraordinary Golf since 1992 as co-owner, program designer, program leader, coach and trainer. He has led programs in the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe, and has designed and led many seminars for golf professionals exploring what makes a difference and gives power in coaching, and what allows for mastery in the art of coaching itself. 

Believing that human beings possess deep reservoirs of untapped ability for the game, he is committed that golf be explored as a practical venue for distinguishing professional and personal transformation both inside and outside of the game. A particularly close friendship between Mr. Lester and Mr. Williams has developed throughout the years.

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