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Possibilities for Learning

o You can learn why the average handicap of a golfer in the United States is higher today than it was 50 years ago

o You can learn that golf can never be taught.....it can be learned.....but it cannot be taughtGolfer shouting to the heavens

o You can learn that you are not "broken".....that there is nothing "wrong" with you or your swing.....and that there is never anything to "fix" in you or your swing

o You can learn about learning, and the futility of "trying to do it right"

o You can learn what a swing actually is

o You can learn to put aside such annoying and irrational advice as: keep your head down; eye on the ball; left arm straight; turn your shoulders; shift your weight; stay behind the ball; change ball position in your stance with different clubs; finish high; swing the club down and through; and many other ridiculous recommendations

o You can learn how to coach yourself.....and that all coaching is actually self-coaching

o You can learn why our "practice" swings almost never resemble our "real" swings

o You can learn that perhaps the only difference between you and a highly skilled player is awarenessFlag stick in the hole

o You can learn that there is only one thing that can prevent this awareness

o You can learn how profoundly important the target really is.....and where it actually is

o You can learn about intention and attention.....what neuroscience is now saying is the source of optimum learning and performance

o You can experience the difference between powerful effort and effortless power

o You can learn about that "voice in your head".....how it interferes with our ability to learn and perform.....and what you can "do" about it

o You can learn to experience more freedom in your golf game and your life

o You can learn to recapture the ease and the enjoyment of learning you once did as a child

And much, much more.....


Happy little girl seeing how close she got to the pin.

When did this?

        Turn into this?

Golfer angery at the hole

       happy little boy

Or this?

Into this?

Dejected golfer


Dog retrieving golf club

Truly man's best friend.....

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